Listen to the body. The body is not your enemy and when the body is saying something, do accordingly, because the body has a wisdom of its own.

Don’t disturb it, don’t go on a mind trip.

That’s why I don’t teach you any dieting, I teach you only awareness.

Eat with full awareness, eat meditatively, and then you will never eat more and you will never eat less. More is as bad as less. Too much eating is bad, Just like too much fasting, these are extremes.

Nature wants you to be balanced, to be in a sort of equilibrium, to be in the middle, neither less nor more.

*Don’t go to the extreme.*

To go to the extreme is to be neurotic. So there are two types of neurotics about food: those who go on eating, not listening to the body — the body goes on crying and screaming “Stop!” and they go on. These are neurotic people. And then there is the other variety: the body goes on screaming “I am hungry!” and they are on a fast.

Neither is religious, both are neurotic, both are pathological — they need treatment, they need to be hospitalized.

*A religious person is one who is balanced: in whatsoever he is doing, he is always in the middle. He never goes to the extreme because all extremes will create tensions, anxieties.*

When you eat too much there is anxiety because the body is burdened. When you don’t eat enough there is anxiety be the body is hungry.

*A religious person is one who knows where to stop; and that should come out of your awareness, not out of a certain teaching.*

☑✔ *OSHO* ✔☑